After sales team


When moving abroad the first year is probably the most difficult: you don't speak the language well and you have a lot of bureaucratic things to deal with. And you also need to get used to a different culture and find your way around looking for the right shops and services. To help you with this we have a network of people who speak your language, who know their way around and who can help with translating and giving you handy tips and useful information. Here are some examples of what they can help you with:

  • registration at the Municipality or apply for a residency permit
  • Communication to public bodies or translating
  • Help you buy a car or import one
  • Register at the Italian Health System, doctor, dentist
  • Out utilities in your name 
  • Register your children at school 
  • Find a builder, plumber, electrician gardener, coordinate and translate
  • Help you find furniture shops and order 
  • Assist you with applying for subsidies 

Their costs and  expenses are to be agreed separately

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